Science at Hogwarts (and Its Muggle Equivalent)

One of the really fun things about taking a closer look at science in children's fiction is finding in in pretty much every book. Or at least, in most fantasy books. Today, I'll start going deep(er) into some of the books that I've read, and see … [Read more]

Why Talk About Science in Children’s Fiction?

I was a writer before I became a scientist. Or maybe it was the other way around. It seems, thinking about it now, that my inclination to write has always existed side by side with my fascination with the natural world. I was always drawn to … [Read more]

What is Middle-Grade Fiction (aka Books for Tweens)?

Books for tweens. Middle-grade fiction. Literature for intermediate readers. You've probably heard one or all of these terms. They come up in library and bookstore shelves, writer's blogs, publishing industry news feeds, and so on. What do … [Read more]

Winterling, by Sarah Prineas

Winterling Author: Sarah Prineas Genre: Fantasy adventure Stand alone or series: First in a series Publisher: HarperCollins (January 3, 2012) I picked up this new book by Sarah Prineas, because I had read and enjoyed her ‘Magic Thief’ … [Read more]