About Karennina Posa

I’m a professional writer, currently working with small businesses. My true passion, however, is children’s books; specifically, books for tweens (aka middle-grade fiction and non-fiction).

Books and reading are important in our family. I was one of those kids whose dad had to repeatedly remind to stop reading and go to bed. I did the “read with a flashlight under the covers” thing. Even now, I stay up till dawn to finish a good book. But don’t tell your tween I said that. 😉

Even as a kid, I’ve always been drawn to stories where characters have adventures, explore new places, and meet fascinating creatures.

So naturally, when it came time to pick what I wanted to study in college, I chose Biology. I minored in Genetics, and went on to pursue a Master’s degree in the field. I’ve had my share of interesting jobs in the life sciences. But now, I’m in the process of coming full circle to that passion that puts a knot in my stomach, just for thinking about it:

Writing and children’s books. Both things together, if I can manage it.

And add a healthy dollop of science, too.

I’m fascinated by children’s novels that include a snippet, a chapter, an entire premise drawn from scientific concepts, natural phenomena, and what-if scenarios inspired by both past and present scientific discoveries.

I like to find that intersection between science and children’s fiction. Not necessarily just science fiction, but magical realism, fantasy, alternate worlds, and so on.

My Work

I mainly write middle-grade fantasy. My current project has snowflakes, sleds, aurora borealis and polar bears. I’m fascinated with old sleighs and take photos wherever I find them.

As a mom, writer and reader of middle-grade fiction, I keep close tabs on the children’s book scene. I share what I find through Twitter (@karenninaposa and the hashtag #books4tweens), and here on my blog.

Have fun browsing, and do let me know when you stop by!

– Karennina Posa