Children’s Fantasy eBooks (September 21-27, 2012)

Here are five middle-grade fantasy ebooks published on September 21-27, 2012:

Title: The Misfortune of the Emerald Thief (The Keepers of the Emerald Cave)
Cynthia L. Moyer
Length: 580 KB
Publisher and Publication Date: Winged Cat Creations (September 26, 2012)
What caught my eye: The coverand the main character’s name (Denim River).
“For 14-year-old Denim River, the problem is not that the magic in his family is real. He gets that the guys can make bubbles any size, shape, scent, or color, and the girls can bend time and phase themselves from place to place…blah, blah, blah. But become Seattle’s next Bubble Ranger? Run the family’s magic store with his Grandpa Naveen? Why? So the whole world will know he descended from clowns? No, thanks!

“But when another bubble-maker, the mysterious Ladarius, shows up at one of G-Naveen’s magic shows, Denim learns there’s more to life than entertaining squealing tourists. The baton has been passed. He discovers he and his 11-year-old sister, Ravenna, are the next Keepers of the Emerald Cave, defenders of the secret energy source the people of the Pacific Northwest are unaware of, but depend on every day, and Denim’s new powers are tested right away.

“In the Cascade Mountains just east of Seattle the water levels of the highest alpine lakes are dropping and threatening the Tarn, the beautiful watery creatures who call the lakes their home. Denim and his family, along with members of a secret mountain faction of the Weald, must find out where the water is going and if Ladarius is behind it, before any more lives are lost.”


Title: Sam, Woolly and the Time Twister (Time Twister Trilogy)
A.J. Templeton
Length: 1664 KB
Publisher and Publication Date: Spiffing Covers (September 25, 2012)
What caught my eye: Concept of time travel to WW2.
When best friends Sam and Woolly arrive for their history lesson one dreary Monday morning, they find an unexpected new arrival in the form of Mr Tempus, a strange and mystifying new teacher. Soon they discover the power he will have over their lives stretches far beyond the classroom.

“During a routine school trip to a WW2 exhibition, the boys find themselves catapulted into the real thing – to the full terror of the Blitz. Trapped in the war-ravaged Britain of 1940, Sam and Woolly must live as bombed-out evacuees far from home, discovering through fun, adventure and disaster another way of life. Will they work out how to return to the 21st Century before time runs out?”


Title: The Dawn of an Age (The Kingdom of Sorrowan)
Author: Chris Millar
Length: 329 KB
Publisher and Publication Date: Chris Millar (September 23, 2012)
What caught my eye: The review included by the author.
“The Dawn of an Age is book 1 in the Kingdom of Sorrowan Series. It is a children’s (8yrs+, to whoever else wants to read it) fantasy and adventure story.

“Joshua and Rachael, two young children, have witnessed the creation and destruction of worlds but never did they realise that they would have to protect and save one. When Joshua and Rachael find themselves in this mystical new land, they must unravel the riddle and follow the clues to prevent otherwise inevitable disaster from striking. With help along the way, coming in all shapes and sizes, these two children are in a race against time as each day their enemy attempts to unleash chaos into this magical kingdom, The Kingdom of Sorrowan.

“I welcome and would appreciate reviews (see below for a review that was emailed to me) as I am only 18 and would like to know what people think. The plan is for there to be 6 books in the series; I am working on 2 and 3 at the moment, have an outline for 4 and 5, and 6 is still in the formulation of ideas stage.


Title: Gingerbread Aliens
Sandra Bennet
Length: 1963 KB
Publisher and Publication Date: Inspiring Publishers (September 23, 2012)
What caught my eye: The title and cover.
“Is it a rock? Is it a football? Is it the charred remains of a space ship and its strange looking alien inhabitant? Meet David, Brian and Simon three cheeky brothers and Mrs Witherbottom, the nosy neighbour with the biggest bottom in the world and a whopper of a tail to match.”


The final pick is a little different from my usual finds in that it’s an illustrated novel.

Title: Katie Carpenter, Fourth Grade Genius
Author and Illustrator: Stephen Penner
Length: 712 KB
Publisher and Publication Date: Ring of Fire Publishing (September 26, 2012)
What caught my eye: The title, cover, and the awesome illustrations. And the quote included in the book description.
“Katie Carpenter is one smart fourth-grader, and she’s determined to prove it by winning the county robotics fair. But when her dopey older brother gets himself grounded, it ruins her plans to travel to Capital City for the competition. So she has to do the unthinkable: help him get out of trouble. To do that she’ll have to remember her favorite quote: “A genius sees connections where others see none.”

“Includes a bonus section on the scientific concepts found in the story. 10 chapters. 16 illustrations.”


Please take note that these are not recommendations or reviews, because I haven’t read any of them. If and when I write a review, I will post it under Book Reviews and update this list with the link.

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