Children’s Fantasy Ebooks (September 28 – October 4, 2012)

Here are my picks of five middle-grade fantasy ebooks published this past week:

Title: The Tree of Mindala
Author: Elle Jacklee
Length: 575 KB
Publisher and Publication Date: Unknown (September 30, 2012)
What caught my eye: The description, first pages, and map included in the first pages
Soon-to-be twelve year old Miranda Moon’s overactive imagination has landed her in trouble again. This time, she’s been suspended from school. Since her Halloween weekend just got extended, her parents decide to take her and her straight-laced younger brother, Marcus, to her late grandparents’ old cabin. That suits Miranda just fine. She’s always felt there was something special about the place. Besides, she has a knack for making the best of things. But when Miranda finds a curious water globe hidden in the cabin, she and Marcus are catapulted into a world even she never imagined. A world where everybody already knows their family name and magic flows through the trees. A world called Wunderwood. But their arrival happens to coincide with the release of a sinister warlock from a forty-year imprisonment. Thornton Crow resumes his deadly agenda to find the source of Wunderwood’s magical power, the Tree of Mindala, and seize it for his own. As Miranda learns of her own connection to Thornton, she realizes that it’s up to her to end his cruel and relentless cycle of death that would steal not just magic, but also hope. With only the cryptic words of a prophecy to guide her, she holds the fate of the entire realm as well as the safety of Marcus and the newly found branches of her family tree in her hands. Miranda’s signature optimism is put to the ultimate test when she chooses to carry out the task that will save Wunderwood… or doom it forever.


Title: Diary of a Wizard Kid
Author: Boyd Brent
Length: 147 KB
Publisher and Publication Date: Unknown (September 30, 2012)
What caught my eye: The cover
Diary of a Wizard Kid

Okay. I know what you must be thinking. But I’m not that guy. My name doesn’t even rhyme with rotter. It’s Jimmy Drummer. And all I’ve got in common with that guy is we’re both wizards. I mean, I didn’t even want to be a wizard. Anyway, I got to thinking, there must be a world of kids out there who think going to wizard school over in England would be super cool. Well, if you’re one of those kids, I’ve got three words for you right off the bat: ‘pointy hat’ and ‘broomstick’. You ever caught a reflection of yourself sweeping a classroom in a pointy hat? It’s no joke I can tell you. You still think being a wizard would be cool? Well, stick around because you haven’t heard nothing yet. No word of a lie, you’re about to experience the craziest adventure a regular dude has EVER had …


Title: Five Nights To The Crimson Moon
Author/Illustrator: Walter Renfrey
Length: 520 KB
Publisher and Publication Date: Walter Renfrey (October 2, 2012)
What caught my eye: The description
In a high-tech winterland, 13-year-old Corbin accidentally causes his widowed mother, Zara the Guardian, to be sucked into the Dreamstone, a 12-inch crystal that has power over people’s nightmares.

Terror strikes when Gol is invaded by SnowLanders led by the traitor Ripho who seizes the Dreamstone, kidnaps Gol’s children as ransom against an uprising, and vanishes into the Snow Mountains.

Corbin’s only chance at rescuing his mother and redeeming himself is locating the Dreamstone’s creators. But how will he find long-gone legends?

Forced into the wilderness, the scared city kid stumbles across the very capable 13-year-old Bridie, who burns with revenge for the loss of her own family. Together, they may have what it takes to right Ripho’s wrongs, but time is running out.

In five nights, the crimson full moon will rise, threatening the existence of the Dreamstone. As the seconds tick away, the unthinkable seems inevitable. Will Corbin and Bridie be strong enough to save themselves, his mother, their world?


Title: The Journal in the Jug (The Clockwork Pirates series)
Author: K.G. McAbee
Length: 382 KB
Publisher and Publication Date: MuseItUp Publishing (October 2, 2012)
What caught my eye: The description
‘When the paintings seem to glimmer, then the portals start to shimmer…’

Twelve-year-old Noah Macgregor can’t get that ridiculous line of poetry from an old journal out of his head. And he certainly didn’t plan to get his older sister Holly, their dog Gilbert and himself trapped.

It was an accident. He and Holly were just following Gilbert through the dark hallways of the old house that had belonged to a pirate two hundred years before. They find Gilbert just in time to see him run full speed into…and it looks like, through…a painting. Naturally, they follow their dog; wouldn’t you? And Noah has at least a vague idea of what might be on the other side, thanks to stuff he’d read in that same old journal he’d found inside a jug.

But on the other side of the painting, he and his sister find themselves in a strange sort of colonial South Carolina, where animals do some pretty surprising things and men made of brass and bronze walk and talk. And it gets worse. Captain Ambrose Craven is alive and even badder than expected.

And worst of all: they’re not exactly sure how to get back home…


Title: Eville, USA (KiteReaders Monster Series)
Author: Julia Dwek
Illustrator: Fian Arroyo
Length: 3393 KB
Publisher and Publication Date: KiteReaders (September 30, 2012)
What caught my eye: The title and cover
Have you ever wondered where monsters, zombies, and villains go on holiday? Once a year, they meet in a town called, Eville, U.S.A. You’ve never heard of it? Well, most humans haven’t. Being a monster is exhausting work. You spend long hours, plotting, planning, and lurking. Down in Eville, U.S.A., monsters of all shapes and sizes meet to take a break and relax. Join them on holiday. You’ll have a monstrously good time!


That’s it for today’s Friday Five. Take note that these are not recommendations or reviews, because I haven’t read any of them. If and when I write a review, I will post it and update this list with the link. If you’ve read a listed book, let me know what you think of it in the comments.

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